Ice Storm

 Dear Heavenly Father,
     You have clothed the birds with beautiful plumes,   
  spread the land with colorful individually simply complex flowers.  They do not lack anything.
     You have given us our mansion in heaven down here on earth.  And it's right in the middle of where you draw our hearts nearer to you.  Continue bringing us ever closer to your heart.
     Father, handling these material things you've given us is giving me a challenge.  I need a car to take me to and from work.  There's that green villager that we looked at which I think will work for the whole family.  But I'd rather you give us what we need because I know it is always much much better than what I pick.
     Father, our house in Roseville is finally in the market.  Allow a buyer to see it as the best one that fits his needs.  Bless John Barrington who has been taking care of it.  We learned from him how to keep a good looking house.  You sent him to us Father and we thank you.  May he be able to find a nice place for himself after he leaves our house.  Bless that house Father so that whoever would occupy it will be happy in it.  Father allow it to be bought soon.  My funds are running low.  I know you'll transfer some more to us in your own time.  Help me not to be anxious about these material things.
     Father, I ask that you bless Tito's career so he can give more to people he want s to help.  I also ask that you bless my career so I can find something closer to Ann Arbor or in it.  I very much want to be in the health care industry.  Please Father, allow doors of opportunity to open for me.  Also allow my real estate career to progress also.
     Father, I am not stingy, right?  My husband thinks I am. Help me then, if I am, to loosen my grip on things & money.  I thought that I am a helpful person.  I can't be stingy if I want to help people.

     Father, thank you for that beautiful experience after the ice storm.  The trees were covered with ice on each and all of their stems, leaves and branches.  The electrical wires hanging on poles were also covered with ice.  Then the bright morning sun slowly rose up from the horizon.  The crowns of the trees were breaking the sunshine rays into beautiful sparkles.  I don't even have a word for what I see.  My heart was overwhelmed with joy.  And I carried this joy for 3 days in my heart.  I felt like I have these huge collection of crystal ornaments and decorations.  It's an overwhelming experience to be so tiny compared to the majestic trees around me.  They were showing off your beauty.  I was part of that crystal collection and it's mind boggling to me.  Your beauty takes my breath away.  When the iced electric wires were bathe by the morning sun, they glowed in the daylight.  Usually things glow in the dark.  The ice glowed in the sunlight and they brought more light out.  It's overwhelming!  Allow me to bring out your light thru my light. 

 I ask in Jesus name.
    January 30, 2007   

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