Friday, February 8, 2013

Dear Jesus,
     Today, I started at Visteon.  Thank you for this chance and opportunity.  The commute is short and pleasant.  Even the traffic is light.
     Holy Spirit give me the wisdom and knowledge to handle this job.  Without you this little brain of mine would not understand any advancement in technology.  I ask also for opportunity to expand my horizon so I may progress in my career or progress in my pursuit in real estate.  My heart still has the desire to be around houses.  You have placed this desire in my heart when I watched my dad draw and design those buildings and houses when I was little.  I know that there is no desire that can not be fulfilled.  By your graces that satisfaction will come in my life time.  Be the lamp onto my feet and direct me to your path.  I rely on you Holy Spirit to guide me through this new endeavor of mine in real estate. 
     My dear Father in heaven, there are so many people to pray for.  You sent these people to cross my path so I may petition for them.  Though I am not worthy to intercede for them, I like to remind you that your Son , Jesus Christ, has already paid for their sins.  Please see us through the holes of the nails that pierced your son's hands and feet.  Have mercy on the souls of the people I have been praying for - my family to start with, my mom, my dad, my siblings and their families, especially Marissa's children.  Please please let them recognize you and love you.  Even with their free will, tug their hearts so they burn with love for you.  Send a priest-to-be in her line of generation.  I pray for May D L, Tony D L, Elsie, Tony W, Victor D, Nolo and his family, Nancy P and the police officers whom I have already forgotten their names, all the people who have ask for assistance in prayer.  Have mercy on our soul and all the friends you've surrounded us.

     Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my brother to come home to the catholic church during my mom's life time.  Answer her petition for my brother.  Mama Mary, shroud my children with your mantle of love.  As I have prayed for a beautiful prayerful spouse, I ask the same for my children.  You're a Jewish Mama who finds spouses for her children.  You have done me a great favor.  I do expect and thank you in advance that you'll find a good spouse for each of my children.  Keep them from harm and difficult temptations.  They are teens now and thier minds are rapidly forming.  Only fill their minds with things that help them grow to the right path of life.  Mother my heart (and also my mom) will be over joyed when Gabio decides to serve your son completely.  Continue guiding him to technically know then burn this heart with love for Jesus - the true agape love that is so powerful, it can move mountains.  St. Augustin, St Francis, St Teresa of Avila, Mother Theresa of Calcutta, Mother Angelica, Gabio has some of your personalities and traits.  Please pray for him and guide him, Gabio, so he may be a strong church lover and defender, influencer, supporter, pastor, teacher, leader, model and intercessor for everyone who comes in contact with him.
      St. Michael the archangel and guide for my son Michael, please always be around him and make his heart strong for the love of the Lord.
     St. Rafael the archangel and guide for my daughter Rachel, please always be around her and make her heart strong for the love of the Lord.
     All these I ask in Jesus' name.

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