Monday, August 18, 2008

God is good all the time!

Praise God for He is wonderful!
My heart was full of joy watching the graduates of singles encounter retreat #4 BONDING.

First we gathered at the dining hall preparing for the Eucharistic celebration for our SE#4 grand reunion. Of course our fellowship is always associated with "when do" or "window". People bring in their favorite dish to pass. The question "when do we eat" or "when is the window for eating" is priority. First the drinks - water, soda pop, arizona tea. Then the hopia (which was kept hidden for later after mass). Then Mike's Korean bar-b-que, then Tita Dita's Pinoy bar-b-que in skewers, Tita Sally's yummy spaghetti with huge meat balls, someone brought potato salad, then Annettes "healthy" BLT pizza - with lots of bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and heavy mayo, then the desserts of biko, cheese cakes & crispy turon saging. Everyone had their fill. And then there were more . . .

Onto the mass: The SE#4 grads brought their own praise and worship music! How great - complete with drums, violin, guitar and vocals. Faith, Krystle, Girard and Jarryd have beautiful voices. They got me dancing on that last song - "I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever".

Some of the comments from the SE#4 grads were:
"The SE gave me courage. I am able to speak in front of people now." - Dominic
"I've learned to make time for God." - Ann Marie
"I've learned to let go of grudges." - Rachel
"SE opened my eyes and set me up onto the right direction in life." - Jarryd
"The most noticeable change in me I learned is to forgive and forget." - Albert
"We are serving the same master no matter which group we are in." - Girard
"God makes many changes in minute ways." - Michael

Keep bonding - like a coal in a fireplace - everyone helps keep the fire burning in each other's heart as they worship together our One Great God.

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