Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Catholic Singles Retreat in Michigan

Searching and searching everywhere for the meaning of life. When you get to a point where you have to make life decisions - you are growing. You may not have all the information to make a confident decision. However - you still have to make choices. For if you don't initiate the selection - destiny will decide for you. Which in effect - you have made the decision to not decide. Sometimes your emotions will lead you to search for answers in books, sometimes in solitude, sometimes in parties, sometimes in friends. Emotions are so undependable. They come in and go like waves on the shore. The high and lows of it stirs chemicals in your body where some effects give you euphoria and some give you depression. Do you hear the knock on the door? Yes, somebody is knocking at your door - the door to your heart. Don't be shy, let a friend in - Jesus. He is such a gentleman. Wait till you look into his gentle eyes. You'll be able to read in them that He already knows you. Before you even attempt to open your mouth to say something - he already knows how to comfort you. Keep your focus on Him. Give Him first dib on your life and He'll add everything else to what you need. Once you begin to understand Him, He will overflow your heart with joy - sometimes this joy lingers for many days. If you are single, come enjoy Jesus' company in a Catholic Singles Encounter retreat. You'll be with new and old friends who are of the same mind set. The retreat will be held at St. John Youth and Family Center in Plymouth, Michigan on July 11 through 13, 2008. Contact Dita at (248) 640-3742. You'll be glad you did.

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