Sunday, April 6, 2008

Catholic Singles Encounter Retreat in Michigan

Energize your understanding of the single life. Intermix with single Catholic adults 19 and above and exchange camaraderies in a solemn as well as friendly atmosphere during this retreat. Retreat, according to Wikipedia says "it's the notion of safety or temporarily removing oneself from one's usual environment in order to immerse in a particular subject matter". The real encounter in a singles retreat is with the Lord Jesus. It will be a time of solitude experiencing one on one our personal Lord and Saviour. It will also be a time of community with believers of the same personal Lord and Saviour supporting each other and encouraging each other to deepen one's faith.

Are you searching for a deeper meaning of your purpose in life?

Come join BLD-Detroit's Catholic Singles Encounter Retreat at the beautiful St. John's Family and Retreat Center in Plymouth Michigan. This retreat is scheduled the weekend of July 11, 12, & 13 2008.

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